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AI applications mark the next evolutionary step. The ability to process data more quickly and intelligently across systems, leveraging hardware, sensors, and cameras, and digitizing language marks the next era of digital transformation. These are small set of use cases that are already revolutionizing industries. If you want to know how AI can help your industry in more detail, please contact us.
Aerospace and Defence

  • IMines detection

  • Underground tunnel detection

  • Mental health/Anxiety/Behaviour change detection/analysis

  • RL Enabled drones

  • Wild Animal detection using sensors/Drones/AI

  • Border infiltration detection

  • Adhoc Camp security and infiltration detection

  • AI based weaponry and weapon defence



  • Automated breaking, speed controls

  • Driverless cars

  • User experience customization

  • Vehicle theft security

  • Accident help - Natural Language processing.

  • Automated vehicle health gauging and issue prediction.

  • Customer identity matching with face detection

  • Auto baggage check-in

  • Security Checks

  • Status communication through natural language processing e.g. Alexa/ virtual assistants/chatbots

  • Autopilot and Safe flying

  • Pilot attention and mental health detection

  • Predictive logistics optimization and automation

  • Customer segmentation/Client personalization

  • Data-driven AI applications for lending decisions

  • B2B credit risk determination and automated credit approvals

  • Credit card anomaly detection

  • Anti-money laundering (AML) pattern detection

  • Customer service assistants/chatbots 

  • Algorithmic trading

  • Banking fraud detection

  • Product recommendation engines

  • Insurance Underwriting decisions

  • Client personalization

  • ​Natural Language processing

  • Translation

  • Chatbots

  • Assisted learning

  • Emotion detection

  • STT and TTS

  • VR Office

  • Specialized advice :- legal advice, education

Consumer goods and services
  • Marketing and sales assistance

  • Consumer segmentation and insights

  • Customer behaviour analysis, segmentation and prediction

  • E-commerce, market basket analysis

  • Optimize production processes

  • Reduce Defects

  • Supply chain - preemptively shipping items to the warehouse

  • Warehouse structuring and process optimization

  • Analyze customer’s building and energy data with sensors and ai

  • Observe equipment(e.g. pipeline) and detect failures before they happen

  • Improve efficiency of the company’s assets, including solar farms and grid systems.

  • Smart thermostats (adapt to user behavior to reduce energy consumption)

  • Predict and optimize consumer energy profiles. Time dynamic pricing based on consumption behaviour and production/storage costs​​

  • ​Analyze tests, X-Rays, CT scans, data entry, and other mundane tasks can all be done faster and more accurately

  • Customized treatment design

  • Personal Doctor/nurse/Medical assistant

  • Precision medicine based on study of gene mutation and dna . Spot cancer and vascular diseases early based on genetics

  • Wearable health trackers

  • Doctor-patient co-ordination 

  • Lab reports analysis

  • Sensor based blood tests and predictions

  • Automated Cell nucleus analysis, classification and anomaly detection

  • Sociology, climate, pollution, disease co-relation study

  • Gene sequencing-based matchmaking 

  • Personalized assisted learning

  • VR Classroom

  • Research

  • ​Customized behavioral Policy Pricing

  • Customer Experience & Coverage Personalization - chatbots etc

  • Peer to Peer insurance

  • Fraud detection

  • Efficient personalized claim settlement

Manufacturing/Industrial Equipment
  • ​Optimize manufacturing operations to the shop floor level.

  • Predictive maintenance of industrial equipment

  • Improve asset tracking accuracy, supply chain visibility, and inventory optimization.

  • Integrated planning

  • Reduce supply chain forecasting errors

  • Improve procurement, strategic sourcing and cost management.

Fashion and Apparel
  • Automated body size measurements for personalized production of apparel.

  • Automated trends prediction and design.