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At BUTTERFLY INTELLIGENCE, we use most advanced Artificial Intelligence technologies to rapidly and repeatedly deliver full stack solutions to our clients. 

Focusing on predictive analytics, natural language processing, and computer vision, we help businesses innovate with AI, automate processes & expand frontiers. This is driven by our exceptional team and constant investment in learning.

We are bullish on a future, where mankind will be more creative, more informed and live a more healthy and vibrant life. The world will continue to see technology enhancing human potential and take humans into a new era of capabilities. 


Artificial Intelligence is not one technology but an amalgam of maths, statistics, data and computing power. The math and stats have been there for a few decades but the recent developments in computing power and data availability has enabled researchers to join the dots and the experiments have been very successful. AI is out of experimental stage and soon will be commodity. While the capabilities are proven, it is left to imagination on what can be done with it. 


The transition has started. We are a passionate set of technologists, learners and doers, who share a common vision of enabling this era of transformation and be the leaders in this space. We are well equipped to help the most innovative companies in the world with their most ambitious AI projects. 

Now is the time. Contact us.


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